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Frida Collection | Zanocchi and Starke

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Neasden Control Centre brings typography to the table with branding for Artisan restaurant. http://bit.ly/1waXeXD

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Mag Furniture | Benjamin Vermeulen

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Table by HAY

Table by HAY

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KIXBOX shelving / Maxim Scherbakov
This shelf for Kixbox store has been specifically designed for a shoe collection but it’s been half of the summer and it turned into a book shelf for Pop-up store.

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Warehouse transformation by Susie Cohen of Made by Cohen | Source | SP

Warehouse transformation by Susie Cohen of Made by Cohen | Source | SP

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Unknown Seed Kit

Take a green break is a project that hopes to encourage and inspire urbanites to incorporate more nature into their breaks. Nature can enhance the effects of taking breaks thus, in this fast-paced society where our lives are increasingly dominated by work and screen time, urbanites can tap on the restorative power of nature to compliment their stressful living. 
The Unknown Seed Kit is a kit where users randomly received a plant to grow. It’s a surprise where user will not know what the seed is, until they grow it to find out by following an instruction guide.
It is a way to encourage people to grow plants in their home or office and the process of growing a plant is a form of taking breaks. By being unknown, it allows user to observe nature’s growth as they will be eager to find out what the plant will turn out to be.
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